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We are pleased to welcome you to our website dedicated to the international promotion of cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation. It is the intent of this website to provide a global platform for various international agencies dedicated to cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment. On behalf of the International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR) we look forward to providing unparalleled access to leading organizations and related resources for cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.

The ICCPR will consider the posting of promotions for education or research services or positions, respectively, if they can prove to be directly related to the aims outlined in the ICCPR Charter. Please click here to download our policy on the subject.

ICCPR is an Associate International Member of the World Heart Federation.

ICCPR is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.



ICCPR free, brief evidence-based online course for referral sources on how to promote CR to patients is now available in 5 languages

ICCPR convened a multidisciplinary, global panel of experts to develop a policy statement on promoting CR use in patients (enrolment, adherence and completion). We have also developed an accompanying online course, training inpatient cardiac healthcare providers on how to encourage their patients to utilize CR at the bedside. The course is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese. Click here for more information and to access the course.

ICCPR has a YouTube Channel
ICCPR has a YouTube Channel where we will be posting videos of our events and initiatives. Please click here to access this page.

ICCPR is now a member of CPD UK (Continuing Professional Development United Kingdom).
ICCPR certification program - click here to learn more - has been accredited for 8 CPD UK credits. It has also been accredited for 8 CSEP Professional Development credits, 4 PTS/FIS/HWL Canfitpro credits, and 8 ACSM credits.

ICCPR Webinar on Cardiac Rehabilitation and COVID-19.
On April 24th, 2020 ICCPR held its first webinar on Cardiac Rehabilitation and COVID-19. Nine speakers from 8 different countries presented to 300 participants from 20+ countries about challenges their CR programs are facing amidst COVID-19 pandemic and strategies and resources available to navigate these difficult times. It was reported that 48% of attendees have had to stop delivery of their CR programs during COVID-19 crisis. The recording of this presentation is available in our YouTube Channel - click here to watch. You can see more about COVID-19 initiatives here

ICCPR is now part of the EAPC Global Network.
The EAPC Global Network is a precious resource for organizations involved in the promotion of excellence in research, practice, education and policy in cardiovascular health, primary and secondary prevention on a global scale. The aim is to facilitate international collaboration; the network is open to scientific societies active in the field of preventive cardiology. You can find more information about this group clicking here.

eLetter: “Cardiac Rehabilitation Effectiveness? A commentary from the International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation” .
On March 22, 2018 ICCPR Executive Committee leaded by former president John Buckley submitted an eLetter in response to the article Powell et al. published in the January 2018 issue of BMJ Open. This was a well-performed systematic review/meta-analyses, which pointedly challenges the effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation. ICCPR’s commentary can be find here.

ICCPR launches ICCPR Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Foundations Certification (ICCPR CRFC) .
On September 29, 2017 ICCPR launched the ICCPR CRFC program. The goal of this certification program is to increase capacity for CR delivery around the globe. This course educates students and practitioners on how to deliver all the core CR components, in accordance with ICCPR’s consensus statement on CR delivery in low-resource settings. Upon completion of the certification program, graduates will be equipped with the knowledge to deliver basic preventive and rehabilitation services for cardiovascular disease. For more information click here.

ICCPR publishes a paper on Advocacy for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation globally.
In September 2016, an ICCPR team led by Dr. Abraham Babu published these guidelines, which will help countries across the world lead advocacy campaigns to have cardiac rehabilitation services included as part of their healthcare. Click here for the full version of the article: Click here for supplementary information on 4 advocacy success stories in different regions of the world.

ICCPR publishes guidelines for cardiac rehabilitation in low resource settings.
In May, 2016, a team of researchers led by Dr. Sherry Grace, published these guidelines in the prestigious journal, “Heart”, of BMJ. This statement is endorsed by the leading cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation societies, across the world. Click here for the full version of the article:  (Click here for the official press release)

The 2016 WHO Prize for Control of Cancer awarded to Dr Nizal Sarrafzadegan.
Dr. Nizal Sarrafzadegan (Professor of Medicine/Cardiology and Director of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute), who is one of our foremost members of the ICCPR has been awarded the 2016 WHO Prize for Control of Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes in the EMR.



About the association

The International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (ICCPR) was created in 2010 to bring together associations dedicated to the promotion of cardiovascular disease prevention and cardiac rehabilitation globally. Named Board member from each associations serve on our Council, which meets quarterly. ICCPR is an Associate International Member of the World Heart Federation.

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