ICCPR Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Foundations Certification (ICCPR CRFC)

The goal of the ICCPR CRFC program is to augment capacity for CR delivery around the globe. This course educates individuals on how to deliver all the core CR components, in accordance with ICCPR’s consensus statement on CR delivery in low-resource settings. The aim is to recognize healthcare professionals from multiple disciplines who have achieved competence in the foundations of CR delivery and are committed to the basic CR practice standards espoused in the component modules. Graduates will be equipped to deliver basic preventive and rehabilitation services for cardiovascular diseases in the settings in which they work. This program will provide learners with the cognitive knowledge to deliver CR, but technical and clinical skills should be developed in the home setting.

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The following individuals have earned the ICCPR CRFC designation:

Abhisha Patel (USA / India)

Abrar Hussain (Canada)

Akhila Satyamurthy (India)

Amber Stang (Canada)

Anna Salova (Canada)

Arya Sehat-Pour  (Canada)

Athusa Sriskandaraj (Canada)

Cassandra Schlosser (Canada)

Celeste Shirley (Canada)

Cindy Lim (Singapore)

Colette De Villiers (South Africa)

Connie Tou (Canada)

Diana Alonzi (Canada)

Dhatri Shukla (Canada)

Dolev Yissar (Canada)

Dylan Chipperfield (Canada)

Eugene Lee  (Canada)

Evangelos Dalianis (UK)

Fan Xiaomian (China)

Filip Dosbaba (Czech Republic)

Fiorella Heald (Indonesia)

Gajani Baskaranathan (Canada)

Glenn Curry (USA)

Hailey Malkin (Canada)

Iulia Soerensen (Canada)

Jamila Ninche (Canada)

Jaskirat Pandher (Canada)

Jaskaranjit Chhoker (Canada)

Jungin Kim (Canada)

Karanvir Panesar (Canada)

Kavinayaa Parameswaran (Canada)

Kevin CHEUNG Sze-keung  (Hong Kong)

Khyati Kothary (India)

Komail Abbasali (Canada)

Ladislav Batalik (Czech Republic)

Liang Jianying (China)

Lyanne Carruthers (Canada)

Mackenzie da Costa (India)

Manori Jayawardena (Sri Lanka)

Marina Shaker  (Canada)

Michelle Tran (Canada)

Michelle Molubi (Canada)

Mitra Esmaili (Canada)

Nadia Ebrahimi (Canada)

Najeeb Wahab  (Canada)

Prajakta Tilaye (India)

Ronamae Caqpulong (Canada)

Ruth Coleman (Ireland)

Seyed Amir Mohammad Lajevardi (Canada)

Shabana Patel (Canada)

Shahab Entezami (Canada)

Shahriar Shiva (Canada)

Sherry Grace (Canada)

Shweta Manwadkar (India)

Sharon Curtis (Canada)

Spyridoula Skondriani (Greece)

Sreeraj Sasidharan (India / United Arab Emirates)

Stefania Tersigni (Canada)

Sumira Malik (Canada)

Taslima Mamataz (Bangladesh / Canada)

Vaishanav Natarajan (India)

Viraj Tamakuwala (Canada)

William Alexander Nanda (India)

Zahra Davoodi (Canada)



The ICCPR entered into a partnership with USV Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, which is a prominent pharmaceutical house with a focus on promoting medical education.

USV Pvt Ltd enrolled almost 1,000 healthcare professionals (primarily cardiologists) across India to take the CRFC certification. In 2018, the cardiologists completed one module per month,  followed by the online exam.

The content of each module was valued by the Indian cardiologists. The CRFC course will enhance the practice of preventive cardiology in India.