The ICCPR council is composed of national and regional cardiovascular rehabiltation organizations whose mission is consistent with those outlined in the ICCPR charter. The board of member organizations must nominate a representative to serve on the ICCPR council. Nominated members should preferably be members of the board of the association

The Council is led by an Executive Council, composed of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary/Treasurer. These will be elected positions from within the current members of Council. Preferably the other 10+ members will be experienced CR practitioners or researchers with diverse expertise and skills.

Nominations for members of the Executive Council will be invited from within current ICCPR Council members. The positions will be appointed following review of nominations and eVote by the Council. Appointments for terms should be made in conjunction with the World Congress of Cardiology where possible on alternating years.

Members of the Board are responsible for:

i.         Putting forward any agenda items for the meeting.

ii.         Active participation in the meeting, including voting as required.

iii.         Identify the need for a policy and/or procedure to be developed and/or modified.

iv.         Communication of initiatives between Charter-endorsing or affiliated Association Board and ICCPR



The Council members will serve for a minimum of three years. Members can only serve a maximum of 3 3-year terms. Term dates shall be made in reference to the World Congress of Cardiology on alternating years.


Meetings shall be held quarterly via skype or teleconference to complete the work of the Council.  Meetings may be held at any time or place provided that 7 days notification of such meeting is given to each member.

Bi-annual meetings will be held in person in accordance with the World Congress of Cardiology. At every bi-annual Meeting, in addition to any other business that may be transacted, a report of the Executive shall be presented.